domingo, 1 de enero de 2012

The Mayan calendar versus the Pirelli Calendar

picture: Pirelli Calendar 2012 (fashionologie)

While we initiate 2012, as a cycle which will last for 366 days as every other year, for some of us started the countdown until the 21st of December when, according to the ancient Mayan calendar, the 13 baktun cycle of 5.125 years comes to an end. Some believe that this date might be a doomsday; others just know that the end of the Mayan cycle will just be the beginning of the next one, and others take the event of galactic alignment occurring each December as opportunity, to believe in a better world.

Who looks back to the recently ended year easily can get the impression the end of the world might have started already: catastrophes and disturbances, natural disasters, political threads and violence marked each day of 2011.

We do not have calendar stones like the Mayas, but printed ones like the Pirelli calendar which counts our days based on the Gregorian calendar (or civil calendar). Today this cycle of our civilization has come to an end and we better should ask how make things better and less believe that things might get worse.

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