lunes, 2 de enero de 2012

Prophecy 12/21: All of us shall die

Cartoon by: Fabio Magnacuitti

"Maya de Bee" was written in 1912 by the German Bonsels Waldemar (*1980 - †1952). The popular animated television series was produced by Nippon Animation Company, the German ZDF and ORF in Austria. In 1975/1976 it was aired un Japanese TV.

Recently it was found, that Bonsels books, including "People in the sky" (Himmelsvolk) that forms the basis of Maya the Bee, contain prophecies that predict the end of the harmony between man and nature. Bonsels was known as an avowed Anti-Semite and linked with the German Hitler regime.

Note: Any similarity with the mayan calendar y purley coincidential.

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