viernes, 4 de febrero de 2011

Stuttgart 21 concerns us all - Help us to stop it!

Stuttgart wants to keep the railway station above the ground!

The most common erroneous claims made by S21 supporters who want to change the existing railway station as underground station:

• "Kopfb ahnhof 21 is a phantom project"
K21 is feasible, fundable and able to obtain the necessary planning consent.

• "K21 involves building new rail lines through residential areas"
It calls for two new tracks to be built in the Neckar valley. The line crosses the Neckar
at the industrial area in Obertürkheim and then runs in a tunnel to emerge by the A8
motorway at Denkendorf. This route also provides a connecti on to the airport.

• "The rail system in Stutt gart is a real problem"
Stutt gart's railway stati on is one of the most effi cient in Europe and has the second
highest rati ng for punctuality in Germany!

• "Without S21 Stutt gart will be cut off from the high-speed rail network"
Stutt gart is already an important part of the high-speed rail network and is the
starti ng point and desti nati on for a number of high-speed rail routes.

• "Stutt gart 21 is an essenti al "economic sti mulus package" for the Stutt gart
K21 will boost the economy and job market of the region to a similar degree.

Help us to stop Stuttgart 21!
• Support the many demonstrati ons, events and "Schwabenstreiche" (*)

• Tell friends and acquaintances

Support our work by making a donati on for the "Aktionsbündnis gegen
Stuttgart 21" [Alliance against Stutt gart 21] to BUND Regionalverband Stutt -
gart, Südwestbank AG, KTO [A/C] 618 052 020, BLZ [sort code] 600 907 00

(*) A "Schwabenstreich" (which translates as "act of folly") is a one-minute protest against Stutt gart 21, during which the protesters use whistles, drums, vuvuzelas and anything else that comes to hand in order to make as much noise as possible. Held every day at 7 p.m., the "Schwabenstreich" serves as a reminder of the massive popular oppositi on to the project.

Visible and sustained resistance by tens of thousands of citizens will
make it politically impossible to implement S21!

Details can be found at: (flyer in english)

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